What we will do for you and what you will take over

Our Senior Experts will support your organisation on site. Please read here what service we are going to provide, what will be financed by us, and what costs you will have to take over.

Services provided

Where we will support you
  • In the course of your request the tasks that should be taken over by the Senior Experts will be described as clearly as possible. This way all persons involved  know what they will have to expect. The more accurate you inform us in advance on the capacities a Senior Expert should have and  how long the assignment should last, the easier we will find the suitable person for you. To define these tasks and aims will also be part of the assignment agreement between your and our organisation.
  • We will search and find motivated persons with plenty of work and life experience who will be sent out for volunteer assignments to you. As soon as we have found a person who does fulfill the requirements, we are going to contact you and discuss all further details.
  • In the course of the assignment the Senior Expert will develop solutions to technical issues and challenges together with you – particularly in social, technical, economic and organisational affairs as well as in education. In this way your organisation may, for instance, become more productive, generate and secure jobs, invest in a more sustainable manner, or improve social and environmental standards as well as occupational safety.

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  • We will take over the entire administrative process as well as the preparation and follow-up of the assignments and will of course also be available as contact persons in the course of the assignments. Moreover, we will make arrangement for travel (flight and transportation) as well as insurance for our Senior Experts. The volunteers will pay a contribution to the costs.
  • What criteria you have to meet in order to request a Senior Expert, as well as any details on the organisation of the assignment from request to follow-up, you will learn by clicking here.


What costs do you have to expect?
  • You are going to take care of food and accomodation for the Senior Experts on site.
  • You will organise transportation between accomodation and assignment location.
  • You are going to provide all technical equipment needed by the Senior Experts for their work. Depending on the area of assignment this can be a desk with a computer and internet access, the required tools and equipment, or perhaps a translator.
  • If you are a small business, we would appreciate to receive donations for our projects. Please see our donation page for more information.

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