Senior Experts Austria – get active!

Senior Experts Austria is a program of Jugend Eine Welt on sending out persons with professional and life experience who want to contribute their technical expertise to non-profit organisations, educational institutions, and small businesses worldwide.

We bring together offer and demand: on the one hand persons with plenty of professional and life experience who want to make an important voluntary contribution to developmental cooperation – by participation in volunteer assignments in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe for several months.

On the other hand social organisations and small businesses which want to rely on the expertise of qualified Senior Experts. Our focus lies on assignments in social and educational institutions, particularly of the Don Bosco Mission, and in civic commitment. The assignments follow the principle of „helping people to help themselves“.

Become Senior Expert

We search motivated persons with plenty of work and life experience who will be sent out for volunteer assignments – particularly in social, technical, economic and organisational affairs as well as in education.

Request Senior Expert

Any non-profit organisation, small business, community or educational institution may request Senior Experts from us. Please read here about the requirements needed and how the assignment will work.

Who we are

We are coordinating and supporting international assignments of Senior Experts by our assignment program. We combine ambitious aims with 20 years of experience.