Where we can help

Any non-profit organization, small business, community or educational institution may request Senior Experts from us. Please read here about the requirements needed and how the assignment will work.

Expert mission

How you will benefit from our voluntary experts

We will bring together two groups: persons with professional and life experience who want to contribute their technical expertise outside of Austria on a voluntary basis, and organisations in countries of the global South and in Eastern Europe intending to rely on the know-how of Senior Experts.


Conditions to be fulfilled by the applying organisations
  • Your organisation is a non-profit organisation, a small business, a community or educational institution located in a country of the global South or in Eastern Europe.
  • Your organisation needs technical know-how and assistance, for instance in the field of handicraft and engineering industry, educational and training organisation, health and social services, agriculture and tourism – for a period of several months.
  • You will provide the Senior Experts with free cost and accomodation. You will also take over responsibility for technical and personal support of the Senior Experts during their assignments.

  • You appreciate to cooperate in a denominational, impartial and respectful way with people regardless of their descent.
  • Helping people to help themselves is important for you. The assistance by our volunteers should enable your organisation to manage the future in a more efficient and sustainable way.
  • It is not your aim to replace paid jobs with Senior Experts – for your specific request help is actually not available or affordable.
  • Just like we ourselves, you also consider the Quality Standards for International Voluntary Assignments.


How we organise a Senior Experts assignment
  1. You request a Senior Expert from us. In this context you are informing us on the desired duration of the assignment and for what field the expertise is needed. The duration of our voluntary assignments last several months.
  2. We will evaluate your request, search for Senior Experts who are suitable for your needs, begin to organise the assignment and extensively prepare the voluntary experts for his/her mission.
  3. For the duration of the assignment you will accompany and support the voluntary expert in coordination with us. You are going to act as his/her local contact person, coordinate the activities of the voluntary expert and support him/her in case any problems should arise. You are also going to contribute to the preparation and follow-up of the assignments by reporting the local conditions and your experiences with the volunteer to us.
  4. Your local site will provide accomodation and food for the Senior Expert. We will make the travel and insurance arrangements as well as organize the preparation and follow-up of the assignment. The volunteer will contribute to the travel expenses.
  5. If the assignment was successful, you may also request the Senior Expert for follow-up assignments.


How you apply for Senior Experts

If you are interested in the assingment of Senior Experts, please contact us:

Christina Schatzl-Gruber
Tel.: +43 1 879 07 07-28
Email: einsatz@jugendeinewelt.at